Malpack Corp.: Providing Protective Films to Keep Your Product Safe

  • Mon 12th Dec 2016 - 6:47am

    Stretch films play a very significant role in today’s world. These packaging films are very helpful when we talk about delivering and transporting of various types of eatables, medicines, machine parts and other products. It is mainly used to wrap products on pallets and to secure the products so that they won’t get damaged. If you are also looking for the best quality stretch films then you are at right place. Malpack Corp is one of the renowned companies that provide you best packaging films.

    Malpack corp. is one of the leading stretch film manufacturer in Canadian and US market. These stretch films are very useful for keeping the product safe and also these wraps keeps the eatables fresh and clean.

    Malpack corp. offers you wide range of products like:

    · Hand film: Malpack Corp provides you stretchable and long-lasting hand films to wrap pallets in protective layer. This hand film will give you excellent optics and good puncture resistance.

    · Hand films are used in packaging of electronic items and machine parts.

    · High performance hand films are also used in packaging of furniture, bricks, cement and other construction based material.

    · Machine film: Malpack provides you wide range of machine stretch films available in range of 55 to 200 gauges with one or two sided cling and clear optics.

    · Brake stretch machine film: For the semi-automatic wrappers, they offer complete range of films for the extended levels up to the range of approx 70%.

    · Power stretch machine film: For the power stretch wrappers, they offer a wide range of machine films that can stretch from 70% to approx 400%

    Malpack corp. is the leading industry which offers you rugged and superior stretch film machine. These fully automatic stretch film machines are designed and developed using innovative technologies which make these wraps durable and hard-wearing. Malpack offers you flexible and versatile stretch films and other machine packaging films at affordable prices. Moreover, they also provide special films that can protect your product like medicines and cosmetics from Ultraviolet radiations.

    So, if you are looking for reliable packaging films, then you can rely on Malpack corp.

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